Tools You Can Use to Convert HTML to PDF

Have you ever tried printing a webpage that does not have an attached print style sheet? If so, you know that it’s hard to make them look correct. CSS styles are designed to display pages across various sizes of screens and devices, but they don’t always translate well to a printed page. For instance, background images won’t be printed. This alone destroys the page look and flow as well as the content when it’s printed out.

On the other hand, PDF (portable document format) files always look the same regardless of where they are viewed. This ubiquitous nature of PDF files makes them very powerful. PDF documents can be shared through emails and printed as well. Since CSS doesn’t dictate background images or styles in a PDF as it does in an HTML browser-delivered webpage, the result of printing the document becomes very different. What you view on the screen is not what will come off the printer.

So can you convert your HTML document to PDF? Here are essential tools that will give you numerous alternatives for converting an HTML file to PDF.


This online converter is free and takes an HTML file, URL or direct HTML input then converts it to PDF, a file that can be downloaded to the computer. Each page will have a footer with an advertisement and logo. You can customize the tool once you sign up for a premium license.

HTML to PDF Converter

This converter takes any webpage URL (provided it’s live on the web) and converts it into PDF. It adds a logo to each page showing that you used this tool to create the PDF file. This is the price tag for getting the free service.

Total HTML Converter

This tool is a window program used to convert batches of HTML files on a command line or web pages by URL to PDF. It offers a review window enabling you to see the file you are trying to convert before the conversion.

All these tools can help you convert the HTML document provided you use them correctly.