Top HTML Editors For Windows

An HTML editor is a piece of software that is designed to help in creating an HTML code. It’s similar to text editors like TextEdit and Notepad and allows users to enter their raw text. Most expert web developers use HTML editors to design and maintain their sites as a great HTML editor can enhance productivity enormously.

A suitable HTML editor needs to have line numbers, a spell checker, page preview, auto-complete, as well as text and visual editor. Since there are different types of editors, it’s essential to find one that will suit your task. This article will cover some of the best HTML Editors for windows that happen to be free.

Komodo Edit

Komodo is an HTML editor that’s offered in two versions –Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit. Komodo edit happens to be open source, and it’s free to download. IDE is it’s trimmed down counterpart.

Komodo edit comes with a lot of excellent features for both CSS and HTML development. Moreover, users can get extensions for adding language support as well as other beneficial features such as special characters. Although Komodo isn’t the best editor out there, it’s ideal for its price, particularly when build in XML where it excels.

Notepad ++

This editor is a favorite of many. It’s a strong version of Notepad that you usually find in Windows by default. This editor is a window -only alternative that includes things such as color coding, hints, line number, and other essential tools the standard application doesn’t have. Thanks to these additions, the Notepad++ is a perfect choice for most front-end developers and web designers.


Eclipse, whose latest version is Eclipse Mars, is another complicated development environment that’s ideal for individuals who do coding on multiple platforms using different languages. This editor is structured as plug-ins, meaning that you have to find the right plug-in to edit something. Eclipse has many features to assist you in creating your complex web applications easily. It comes with JavaScript, Java, and PHP plugins, including a plugin for the mobile developers.

There are many HTML editors you can use, so ensure you pick the right editor depending on your needs.