Should I Use Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and oldest web browsers around the globe. Most people who have used it will agree that this browser provides exceptional features that differentiate it from its competitors. Have you been wondering why people choose to use Mozilla Firefox? Here is why you should make Firefox your primary browser.

It costs you nothing

Firefox is completely free. You won’t pay a penny to get it. This browser is a Mozilla foundation product established to create creative open-source software. Donations from wellwishers fund the foundation.

It’s expandable

When using Firefox, you are free to add as many functionalities as you want through plugins. There are many Firefox developers out there that offer nifty software extensions you can plug into the browser. You are free to adjust the fonts, remove Google spam, watch the weather forecast, etc. The extensions manager also lets you see all the installed items, and you can get rid of them in a few clicks.

It’s small

Are you looking for a web browser that won’t take up much of your little disk space? Mozilla Firefox is the browser you should get. This is the reason it’s quick and simple to download, unlike other browsers.

It can run on anything

Mozilla Firefox is designed to run on everything, be it Linux, Macs, or Windows. Whether you have just purchased a recent computer or you are using an old one, Firefox will certainly run on the device.

It’s secure

Mozilla Firefox does not run VB script or ActiveX components. This makes the browser less vulnerable to malicious hackers. It’s also tightly coded, so there is less vulnerability to attacks. In case you want more security, you can add a JavaScript monitoring extension.

Built-in Google

There is no need to search for Google when using Firefox because Google is built-in. This means that you can search from the browser’s control bar directly and get your Google results fast. You also have the option of picking the homepage you like.

With all these features, you have more reasons to consider using Mozilla Firefox. Download a copy and give a try.