Unique Google Chrome Features All Users Should Know

Used by millions of subscribers each day, Google Chrome has become one of the world’s most popular browsers. It’s easy to use, reliable, and constantly being improved with updates. Although Chrome is known for being fast and simple, it has some hidden features you may not know about. This post will round up some of these features to keep you in the know.

Create different profiles

If you have multiple Google accounts for personal or work use, you can easily keep your browsing history and bookmarks for each account by creating individual profiles. Simply go to the settings then find Manage People option, and Add Person. This feature comes in handy each time you lend your device to a friend, and you wouldn’t like them to access your browsing history.

Save battery

When using Chrome, you have the option of saving the battery life. This is accomplished by sacrificing performance. Go to settings and scroll down until you find the System section then uncheck the box that reads “continue running background applications when Chrome is closed.” It’s not recommended to enable this feature all the time, but it comes in handy when you don’t have your charger.

Pin tabs

Each time you browse through numerous tabs that are open at the same time, you can choose the option to clear the clutter up by pinning the least used tabs. Simply right-click, select pin tab and automatically the tabs will shrink and slide towards the left.

Browse Faster

Chrome has tons of Extensions. One of the most beneficial ones is Google Data Saver that is designed to compress all the pages you visit, reducing data usage and speeding up your loading time.


Most users may prefer the browser to download files to their desktop straight away, but it often sends them to Downloads folder by default. You can change by going to the settings, opening the advanced setting menu, and then clicking on Downloads. Here you will pick your preferred destination for all your Downloads.

Google Chrome is designed to make your browsing tasks easier. Download it and find out more!