You’re Never to Young to Begin a New Hobby

We often think of hobbies as pastimes for our children and teens to enjoy. When teenagers get beyond high school, one might assume that hobbies must come to an end and adult responsibilities replace those creative moments with years of work. This does not have to be the case, however. Adults have interests outside of chores, work, and college. Hobbies do not need to be drinking contests in bars or basket weaving adventures, either. As we consider our busy lives, we have the ability to start hobbies as adults that will give us a sense of accomplishment and emotional fulfillment.

How do you select a hobby? One obvious answer is to consider the things that were of interest when you were younger. Maybe you collected baseball cards or toys as a child. Now, as a busy adult, you can take your childhood love of baseball statistics or playing with toys and turn it into playing in a softball league or assembling model cars or airplanes or other kits. If you have totally outgrown your childhood interests, think about the things you enjoy the most today. Sometimes, taking a stroll around a hobby, arts and crafts, or sports store may give you some ideas.

Another way to think of possible adult hobbies is to consider those activities that calm you down when you feel a little stressful and need something to change your focus. What helps you unwind or chill? Maybe yoga? Or if you enjoy reading, perhaps getting involved in a writer’s group, learning a foreign language, or participating in book discussion groups at your local public library could be enjoyable options.

Hobbies allow us to enjoy life. We have busy lives and sometimes forget that quality of life cannot be measured in paychecks and hours worked alone. Finding hobbies that allow us to enjoy our creative energies is a way to add more happiness and break up those stressful moments that we all experience.