Samsung Desktop Computers

Samsung has joined the competition with their new all-in-one integrated computer.

Featuring an Intel Core i5 processor, the all-in-one runs on Windows 10 Home and boasts a 24” LED display and a 1TB HDD. Additionally, it comes with some of the biggest integrated speakers on the market with 10w speakers, as well as a 24-inch tilting touchscreen display.

What really sets Samsung apart, however, is the all-new ArtPC Pulse. This sleek and beautifully designed mini-tower features an aluminum build, 360 Harman Kardon integrated speakers, and a minimalist, utilitarian overall feel. A soft-glowing LED light brings a sense of whimsy to the metal casing.

Design: The new Samsung desktop computer entry has been designed so well, it’ll fit in right at home with its low profile (it’s just over 12 inches tall) and brushed metal finish. The ArtPC comes in three pieces: the expandable hard disk drive, the computing base, and the 360-degree speaker top. The entire system is integrated, so while it gives a modular feel, what it comes with is what you get in this Samsung desktop computer. In between the PC and the hard drive is a small gap with an LED ring light. This space is for the air vents to keep the unit cool, but the cool light can be configured to blink to notifications and to whichever color you prefer.

Connections: The ArtPC comes standard with four USB A ports, but one of them is occupied for the dongle that will wirelessly connect you to the wireless keyboard and mouse (which are included.) Additionally, there is a USB C port, Ethernet jack, combo jack for headphone/microphone, power jack, SD Card slot, and an HDMI port.

Audio: The ArtPC comes standard with a Harman Kardon 360 speaker. Your desktop PC doesn’t have to be running to connect with the speaker, either – you can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, even when the PC is off.

Specs: The ArtPC comes in a couple of configurations, but a popular option seems to come with the 1TB hard drive. It’s 5.51 inches in diameter with an optional hard disk drive space.

Other computer types available: Besides the full range of laptops and tablets, Samsung has desktops, traditional towers, monitors, and chromebooks. Samsung now has smaller, desktop-sized towers, as well as impressive curved displays.