HP Desktop Computers

HP has been a steady contender in the desktop computer game, consistently putting out high-quality products.

Recently, HP came out with a competition to Apple with their all-in-one computer. Moving away from the traditional tower or small tower (which they still produce), the all-in-one still provides the same level of performance as a tower, in an integrated design.

Now, HP has the Envy Curved AIO 34, with a curved screen and all-in-one integration. A step up from previous models, the HP Envy Curved boasts a 34-inch curved screen, high-quality sound (the Bang & Olufsen sound system) and a QI-compatible wireless charging pad.

Performance: The Envy Curved carries an Intel Core i5 or i& processor, and many configurations are possible. Pick and choose from various options, up to 16GB in memory; multiple choices for RAM; 256GB SSD plus 2TB HDD; and a Nvidia GTX 950M or Radeon RX 460 graphics card.

Display: The Envy operates at a 3,440 by 1,440-pixel resolution, or an aspect ratio of 21:9. 16:9 is used for HD and 4K video, for comparison.

Audio: The HP Envy Curved comes with four Bang & Olufsen speakers, which provides for a great sound.

QI Charging: Due to the larger profile, the HP Envy has a larger base. HP put a QI-compatible charging station as an integrated component into the base, which is a nice feature.

Ports: HP has standard ports, like an SD card slot, USB-C charging, headphone jacks, USB-A, HDMI, and Ethernet. There is also a retractable webcam, whose security features are sure to please more privacy-focused consumers.

Processor: The HP Envy Curved runs on Windows 10 Home (64 bit.) The computer will respond quickly and can be great for gaming, especially with a terabyte of HDD available.

Other computer types available: Besides the full range of laptops and tablets, HP carries low profile towers and tradition towers; OMEN gaming desktops, designed especially for gamers; High-Performance desktops; all-in-ones; and the ability to mix and match between screens and towers.