Apple Desktop Computers

Apple desktop computers, or iMacs, are renowned for their high-quality displays and powerful back-end graphics editing capabilities.

Apple touts their iMacs as having top of the line processors, unmatched graphics, built-in storage, and ultra reliable connectivity.

Over the past couple of years, Apple has launched Retina displays in their iMac lines, which are breathtaking in terms of visual experience.

Performance: iMacs are now equipped with the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, the seventh-generation of the Intel Core processor. Any new iMac also comes with the Apple Fusion Drive, and are available in 27-inch or 21.5-inch screens. Apple touts the 27-inch model having speeds up to 4.2GHz, the 21.5 inch iMac with speeds up to 3.6GHz, and includes Turbo Boost to give each line a supercharged boost.

Graphics: The Apple iMac 2018 now includes a Radeon Pro 500 series graphics processor. The retina 5K model also has 8GB of dedicated VRAM, (the 21.5 inch iMac has retina 4K display and 4GB of dedicated ram), which will help to load and process graphics better than ever before.

Storage: The Apple Fusion Drive first launched in 2012, but has seen major improvements and upgrades since then. How it works: the apps, files, and documents that you utilize the most are stored in flash storage, and anything else on the hard drive. The drive will automatically move content between the flash drive and the hard drive, but is only available in the 27-inch models as standard – it’ll cost you extra to upgrade your 21.5-inch.

Display: All new iMacs come built-in with Apple’s Retina Display. The retina display touts one billion colors, and 500 nits of brightness, with a very tight pixel density. The retina displays also use P3 color, which will help when editing with real-world colors.

Connectors: Apple is notorious for its exclusive connectors, from the iPhone and now to their desktop computers. The Thunderbolt 3 (or USB-C) ports are standard, providing 40 GBs a second data transfers to external drives. There are traditional USB 3 ports, as well as Bluetooth 4.2 and wireless internet connectivity.

Specs: Apple designed all their computers with all-in-one technology, so no need for an external tower. The newest Apple desktop computers boast a 1.4mm thin display panel and a 5mm thin enclosure.

Other computer types available: Apple also carries the iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro laptop series. For Apple desktop computers, there is the iMac and iMac Pro all-in-ones, the Mac Pro tower, and the Mac mini desktop computer.