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iTunes – Apple

iTunes iTunes is an audio app that is used to stream and download digital media files including music and videos, ads free. Accessing media files on iTunes require you to have an internet connection, but since streaming files can use a lot of data, you can download the files and watch them offline. iTunes app […]

Social Media History

Steps to Backing Up Your Social Media History Of course you know how important it is to back up such files as Word and PDF documents or pictures and videos you create. But what about your other files that aren’t so tangible, like those on your social media and other online accounts? If something happens, […]


Why You Should Become a Freelance The freelance industry has taken off in the last decade because of the economic decline that left so many out of work. However, there is a market for freelances that has extended beyond recession’s borders and into the current day. Working remotely and/or on a freelance basis has really […]


You’re Never to Young to Begin a New Hobby We often think of hobbies as pastimes for our children and teens to enjoy. When teenagers get beyond high school, one might assume that hobbies must come to an end and adult responsibilities replace those creative moments with years of work. This does not have to […]

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance This is the last step in software development life cycle. Its main purpose is to improve and update the software after delivery. When users spend on software, they expect it to meet both their present and future needs. This may prove impossible due to the ever-changing market conditions, new client requirements, host modifications, […]

Study Program

Going beyond the Classroom: Consider a Study Abroad Program The purpose of education is to expand our boundaries. In addition to the new intellectual frontiers we expect to cross during our studies, many colleges and universities also offer us an opportunity to travel to distant locations as we broaden our horizons. Although study abroad programs […]

HTML Editors

Top HTML Editors For Windows An HTML editor is a piece of software that is designed to help in creating an HTML code. It’s similar to text editors like TextEdit and Notepad and allows users to enter their raw text. Most expert web developers use HTML editors to design and maintain their sites as a […]


Spotify: Music for everyone Spotify audio app allows you to access millions of songs instantly. All you have to do hit play and you can access all the songs you want, whether it’s your all-time favorites all to the latest hits. Spotify app can be downloaded and played on all sorts of devices including computers, […]

Mozilla Firefox

Should I Use Mozilla Firefox? Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and oldest web browsers around the globe. Most people who have used it will agree that this browser provides exceptional features that differentiate it from its competitors. Have you been wondering why people choose to use Mozilla Firefox? Here is why you should […]

Real Estate

Trends Impacting Real Estate In 2018 As it always does, the real estate industry is dependent upon the economic standing of an area. Since the recession has receded, the real estate industry has taken off again and the market has improved. The real estate developments of the last few years are continuing and expected to […]