iTunes is an audio app that is used to stream and download digital media files including music and videos, ads free. Accessing media files on iTunes require you to have an internet connection, but since streaming files can use a lot of data, you can download the files and watch them offline. iTunes app can be available for windows, pc, Mac, and Apple devices such as iPhone and iPod. Recently, other audio players that aren’t made by Apple have installed some add-on software that allow other smartphones to sync music using iTunes.

The music library has special playlists such as genius mixes that enable you to generate music based on a specific genre, and smart playlists which can be set to filter the music library based on the user’s selection criteria. iTunes allows users to share iTunes library wirelessly using the home sharing feature. The app also has sound processing features such as crossfade, equalization, and sound check to adjust all the songs’ playback volume to the same level.

Even though music is the main focus of iTunes, the new version of iTunes app now also allows you to access videos, podcasts, TV shows, movies, books, and internet radio. With iTunes app, you can create a screening room wherever you are by downloading your favorite movies, and if you can’t seem to make up your mind, don’t worry since you can choose the iTunes handpicked movies. You can now access your favorite TV shows, videos, and podcasts using your iTunes apps. With a new app called iBook, the iTunes app also allows users to access e-books. On the other hand, iTunes-U allows students to access university lectures from some of the top U.S. colleges.

Even though the iTunes app primary role is to act as software media player, it can also be used be to upload and share music using the iTunes match, burn music files to disc, convert audio from one format to another, and much more. This app seems like a must-have if you are looking for a multipurpose app. Start today and get a three-month trial period.